Davis: Country Needs Some Dave Ramsey

Davis: Country needs Dave Ramsey - Daily Journal - Republican congressional candidate Greg Davis addressed the nation's economic crisis Thursday during an appearance at the Tupelo Luncheon Civitan Club. "Washington has lost touch. In my opinion, it's time America and Congress do a little Dave Ramsey and cut up our credit cards to other countries. Something needs to be done, but not at the taxpayers' expense. We need to make sure the CEOs and investors (of these companies) are not rewarded."


Waiting to Lead

Miss. lawmakers divided on bailout plan
First District Rep. Travis Childers, a member of the Blue Dog caucus, said he is waiting for the details of a final deal between the Bush administration and Congress' Democratic leaders. "I feel it is morally reprehensible that the middle class is not only suffering from a failing economy and rising costs but also now is being asked to foot the bill for Wall Street's bad decisions and reckless management as a result of deregulation," Childers said.
As noted just yesterday, Childers sits on the Financial Services committee. This isn't his fault. No one expects him to have the solution. But he should at least be on top of things and not just waiting to see what Bush and the other Democrats work out.


Financial Services Committee

From Congressman Travis W. Childers' web page, "As a realtor in North Mississippi for over thirty years, I was extremely encouraged when I became an active Member of the House Financial Services Committee. The committee has primary jurisdiction over the nation's financial sectors that include banking, insurance, real estate, public-housing, and securities. On a routine basis, the committee hears testimony from various international finance experts that include the Chairman of the Federal Reserve and the Secretary of the Treasury. With the increasing strains on the American economy, I certainly look forward to offering my experiences as a small business man in order to find effective solutions to the financial obstacles every day American's face on a daily basis.

No one expects Travis Childers to solve the very complicated and vast problems facing the U.S. economy right now. We wouldn't expect Greg Davis to be any more capable. And certainly, Travis Childers is in no way to blame. He hasn't been there long enough to do anything good or bad. But this is his committee and they are responsible for what he says above. Childers should inform Mississippi of his thoughts, as a member of this semi-important committee, of this fairly important economic time.