DCCC Hits Greg Davis With KKK

RightOfMississippi: DCCC Tries To Launch An All Out Race War In MS-01

Y'all: MS-01 - Greg Davis (R) vs. Travis Childers (D) - West vs. East - Vets vs. Ag - and the last minute desperate tactics . . .

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As ROM points out, the DCCC says "Greg Davis wanted to honor the founder of the KKK with a statue in Southaven" and also said the statue was of "the first Grand Wizard." But in reality, the statue was of Jefferson Davis who was not the founder and never in the KKK. In fact, another place that has a statue of Jefferson Davis is the United States Capitol Building. Jefferson Davis is one of the two statues representing Mississippi, along with James Z. George. Furthermore, Senator Thad Cochran uses the desk of Jefferson Davis in the Capitol, one of two "heritage desks" (the other goes to Massachusetts Senior Senator and belonged to Daniel Webster).

ROM further notes that the "founder of the KKK statue" (Nathan Bedford Forrest) was wanted by the Mayor of Horn Lake.

So the DCCC has attacked the wrong mayor for the wrong statue.


The Hill - DCCC links Davis to KKK founder’s statue - The DCCC stood by the flier. “The flier is factual, a part of the public record, and has been in the press many times -— voters deserve to know Davis's record,” DCCC spokeswoman Jennifer Crider said in a statement. Childers spokesman Terry R. Cassreino distanced the campaign from the mailer: “It’s not from our campaign, and we know nothing about it. We are totally focused today on reminding as many voters as possible to get out and vote.”

Michelle Malking (HT: Y'all) - Dirty race-card tricks in Mississippi: The KKK ploy


Burnt Toast said...

Simply childish, ill-conceived, arrogant, and disgusting hyperbole.

What else do we expect from the Democratic party?

Exactly that!

Matthew said...

It's going to be a very difficult November for the GOP.