Libs turn on Childers for turning on Obama

ROM has posted comments from people regarding Childers' rejection of Obama. ROM mentions DailyKos, the godfather of liberal blogs, saying, What do you think? The title of the Republican attack ad is “Conservatives Can’t Trust Travis Childers?” But can we?

The Thorn Papers has this message for Childers:

The next time someone sticks a microphone in your face and tries to play "gotcha" with a reference to Barrack Obama, remember this:

By hedging your bets against another Democrat, you provide aid and comfort to your electoral enemy and allow the GOP to continue to hammer home their same tired old saws about "Washington liberals," trying to make you run from your party and make you look weak, waffley, and two-faced.

Obama may not have officially endorsed you but he did indeed lend a (perhaps unsolicited) hand by urging his supporters to make calls on your behalf. That's what Democrats do. It's good for the candidate, the party, the movement and ultimately, the country.

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