Childers no underdog in fundraising

Daily Journal - Reports show Childers drew key late funds - Travis Childers of Booneville may have looked like the underdog going into a May 13 special congressional election against Southaven Mayor Greg Davis. But a surge in contributions from individuals, political action committees and his political party helped him win the 1st District congressional seat, Federal Election Commission reports filed this week show. In the end, Democrat Childers out-raised and out-spent Republican Davis. Thursday was the deadline for both campaigns to report their non-party special election spending. A look at the reports, covering finances from April 24 through June 2, shows where Childers got his help:

- He raised about $200,000 more from individuals than Davis.
- PACS favored him by more than a $320,000 margin.
- And the Democratic National Congressional Committee poured on $500,000 more cash than Davis' National Republican Congressional Committee.

For the Childers-Davis contest, national Democrats spent $1.84 million compared with national Republicans' $1.29 million. By the time that campaign was over, their campaigns were fairly even with money in the bank, even though Davis had out-raised and out-spent Childers nearly 2-1. The FEC reports show that while Davis out-raised Childers across a series of four elections, his finances slipped when he needed them most - the special election runoff to decide who would hold the House seat through 2008. Davis and Childers, who won their party nominations, face each other in the Nov. 4 general election to decide which will serve a complete two-year term. Both campaigns still have debt issues to deal with:

- Childers loaned himself $150,000.
- Davis borrowed $55,000 - most of it against his home.

Childers reported nearly $35,000 post-election contributions, while Davis reported zero.

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