Childers thanks Tennessee Dems

The Tennessee Democratic Party blog posts this message from Congressman Childers to Tennessee Democrats -

To the Tennessee Democratic Party and Democrats throughout the state,

Please allow me to take a minute to publicly thank the Tennessee Democratic Party for its tireless efforts to make me the newest member of the United States House of Representatives. As I come to work each day, walking these hallowed halls, I realize that it took the help of so many people, including Tennessee Democrats, to help make possible this historic achievement. And it was historic.I became the first Congressman in American history to run four elections in only sixty-three days! Those campaigns were hard-fought and a great bridge of camaraderie was built between the great States of Tennessee and Mississippi. As Congressman John Tanner walked side by side with me on the campaign trail, we brought the true American values back to the people.

Congressman Lincoln Davis and Congressman Jim Cooper both answered the call for a fellow “Blue Dog” Democrat and helped carry us over the top. Then, there was the unwavering support of Tennessee Democratic Party Chairman, Gray Sasser and his staff. Without the help of fellow Tennessee Democrats, our victory would have been even more difficult, if not impossible.

But as much as I have enjoyed celebrating this victory, the campaign trail had its sobering moments. As we traveled those roads and back roads, so many people told us of hardship and heart break, of difficulties involving the loss of jobs and financial hardships because of the lack of affordable health care. But I believe there is change sweeping. And I believe that our victory on May 13, 2008 was not only a harbinger of change for the State of Mississippi, but the nation as well. People raised their voices for a new direction of hope and prosperity.

Throughout history, our party has shown that we stand for the working families, for fairness and equality. From Andrew Jackson to Franklin D. Roosevelt, from James K. Polk to John F. Kennedy, the Democratic Party has been concerned that all citizens have an opportunity for social and economic prosperity. And once more, is ready to rightfully reassume its mantle as the moral leader of the world.

Jackson Day is now over, but in the work to spread the message of hope has just begun. Speak to those who have the Blues on Beale. Reach out to those who are holding down the family farm. Take the spirit of Old Hickory with you into the rolling hills of middle Tennessee. March up Rocky Top and down the Lookout, determined to get this nation back on track, to bring much needed change. I had my time. But this is your time. The political experts said I was attempting the impossible, but I proved them wrong with old fashioned hard work and dedication and reliance on friends.

Take it from me: Don’t let anyone tell you that your cause is unjust or too difficult. Roll up your sleeves, dust off the boots and begin the journey for change not only in Tennessee, but in the nation as well.

-Congressman Travis W. Childers

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