DCCC Attacks Davis

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nemsblogger said...

Yep. Davis told the NRCC to stay out and they did. Why did Childers not do the same huh? Obviously he wanted the DCCC to come in and do his "dirty work" for him so he wouldn't have to. Average voter doesn't distinguish b/t the party and the candidate (as worked to Davis's disadvantage in the Spring, of course).

The 800lb. gorilla in the room is that DCCC would not attack if Childers was not BEHIND in their internal polls. Any student of politics can figure this out w/o any other info avaiable. This is the surprise of the election year and the media are missing it!

The "poll" Childers recently released was a lie. And this attack from his side proves it. Greg Davis is about to slip in and win this seat back for conservatives.