Earmarks; NRA endores Childers

DeSoto Times Tribune - Davis: End federal earmarks, Childers says earmarks "not necessarily bad"

Davis said the time has come to end earmarks as a means of getting federal spending under control. "We would sign a bill that would ban earmarks," Davis said Friday, echoing comments he made in a televised debate with Childers at the University of Mississippi on Wednesday.

Childers said he does not want North Mississippi to miss out on federal funds for badly needed projects, and therefore is not inclined to categorically ban them. "If every member of Congress were willing to join a pact saying that they wouldn't take earmark appropriations, then I would be the first one to sign on. But if big states throughout the country continue to accept these funds, I'm not going to sit idly by while North Mississippi falls behind. There are legitimate projects in this district that need funding, and I'm going to fight for what's best for this district."

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Anonymous said...

FYI, Ronnie Musgrove got this endorsement over Haley Barbour. NRA unfortunately will endorse an incumbent Democrat over a challenger Republican if the Dem just shows them any attention at all (as Childers finally did in late Sept).

This endorsement will come back to bite the NRA. And I know of several people who have resigned their memberships over it.

A guy who supports Nancy Pelosi and Barack Obama and who gave John Kerry $2,000 doesn't care a whole hell of a lot about gun rights.

But this endorsement won't matter to people who understand how this game works and people who see Childers for what he truly is.