DJournal Update

Tupelo Daily Journal:

McCullough to have open house at headquarters - Glenn McCullough Jr will host a campaign headquarters open house from 4-6 p.m. today. The public is invited. The office is at 850 N. Gloster St., Tupelo, between The Summit and the Chevron station.

Childers talks economy at Justice Center - Travis Childers brought his campaign message of federal fiscal responsibility to a Thursday media event at the Lee County Justice Center. "How can this administration look America in the eye and say we're going to cut your taxes and pay for this war?" he asked. "We're just running up the credit card." He blamed many of Northeast Mississippi's job losses on the North American Free Trade Act, saying regional businesses "deserve fair trade deals."


Cody said...


Thanks for covering the election. I just wanted to mention that John Wages now has a site up (you currently have his link pointing to the Green Party of Mississippi).

His website is http://www.votejohnwages.com


AnnEllisSimmons said...

Thanks for the tip. I changed the link.