Questions of Economy

Daily Journal - Candidates split on tax cuts, have other ideas for economy - In response to a Daily Journal questionnaire, five of the eight candidates support extension of the tax cuts, which are scheduled to expire in 2010:

Prentiss County Chancery Clerk Travis Childers, Southaven Mayor Greg Davis, former Tupelo Mayor Glenn McCullough Jr., Tupelo attorney Brian Neely and Dr. Randy Russell of Oxford.

Opposing future cuts are two Democrats – Calhoun City Alderman Marshall Coleman and consultant Ken Hurt, who has suspended his campaign. Both say the president’s plan has helped only the rich.

Steve Holland, also a Democrat, said he would support the cuts “only if it were connected to middle-class tax relief.”

These questions are answered by each of the candidates in the Daily Journal today:

Q: The nation is currently either in a recession or close to it. What is the role of Congress in improving the economy?

Q: How would you balance the need for fiscal restraint with seeking federal support for economic development needs in the 1st District?

Q:Do you support extension of the Bush tax cuts scheduled to expire in 2010? Why or why not?

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