Holland Campaign Email

Our Campaign for Congress is gaining momentum. Let me give you an update. Northeast Mississippi Friends gave us a successful fundraiser Friday night at the Park Heights Restaurant in Tupelo. We're actively raising money and looking ahead to our media campaign. A lot of scientific research on other candidates, issues and various matters is being conducted. Our radio spots are on the air.

During the past week I was given the Mississippi Chapter of the American Lung Association Award for my legislative support of research regarding asthma. Did you know that asthma is the biggest reason for children missing school? Neither did I until I became involved with the efforts to develop a comprehensive education program dealing with youngsters as well as adults who suffer from asthma.

I have engaged former Rep. Bill Miles of Fulton to be my campaign manager. Not only did Bill and I serve in the Mississippi House of Representatives together, we both have relationships going back to the late Congressman Jamie L. Whitten. You may recall that I started my career working with Congressman Whitten in Washington. His enviable record of service is a record no one is likely to break for some time. He served more than 50 years. His efforts meant better health care, highways, housing and a higher quality of life. That's what I want to do as our Congressman.

Don't forget that the election is March 11. This unusual election is like playing ball games. The most important game is the next one. The most important election is March 11. The winner of the March 11 primary will advance to the General Election in November. Soon, Gov. Barbour will announce the date for the Special Election. That will determine who serves for the rest of 2008. In November the winner will serve the two-year term.

Be sure to watch our Web Page and keep up with what our campaign is doing. We welcome volunteers and otters who are interested in government for the people. Please feel free to forward this to your friends and family. Best wishes, I remain

Your friend,

Steve Holland

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Everett Dutschke said...

by "scientific research", he means looking for as much dirt as he can find.
He doesnt mean 'scientific research' he means 'opposition research.'

Dirtier than the Clintons.
I cannot wait to hear these radio spots.

J Everett Dutschke