Holland Campaign Email

This week has been exciting! Many are volunteering, saying that Steve is needed in Washington to represent regular working folks like he takes care of their needs in Jackson. This certainly is encouraging for the family and workers in the headquarters.

While Steve was furiously fighting for more Medicaid funds and championing the cigarette tax to help finance health care needs, I was on the phone calling our friends for direct help. The response is great. Many of you have responded in such a generous manner. The Holland Family will never forget.

Deadlines in the Mississippi House of Representatives where Steve is Chairman of Public Health, is a senior member of the Appropriations Committee and one of the Leadership Team that sets the whole legislative agenda, all, his responsibilities, have kept him from being out in the district as much as he wants. These travels are confined to the weekends. Professionals say Steve's campaign radio and TV spots are the best in the field this year. We have others to air soon. I hope you're hearing and seeing them. We welcome your feed back.

One way you can help with our campaign is to forward this email to your list of friends and associates on your email contacts list.

Thursday night I represented Steve in DeSoto County where we got a gracious reception and found many who were already carrying our message. They tell us that Steve is the candidate who can win the Special Election on April 22 and win in the General Election in November.

While speaking to a very large crown at the Hernando Courthouse, I pointed out that on our candidate card there is a picture of Steve holding our granddaughter by our foster son and his wife. I told them what a fool we were as grandparents about her and that she calls Steve "Big." Many grandmothers wanted a campaign card and shared their own grandchildren stories with me.

If you haven't got a campaign card, I'd like to send you one to show off our granddaughter. Steve and I have two sons and two daughters, but only one granddaughter.

Remember, it's March 11. That's the Democratic primary. Thanks and forward this on to others.

The next two weeks will be furiously busy for us, and if you have any time you want to donate, we have something for you to do. You can either respond to this email or call Amy, our office manager at 662-842-6464.

Once again, thank you for your support and generosity!


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