Russell claims conservative mantle

Daily Journal - Oxford candidate touts ‘clear conservative choice’ - People are often surprised to hear that a physician is running for Mississippi’s 1st Congressional District seat. After all, Dr. Randy Russell’s ophthalmology practices in Oxford and Southaven, his civic involvement and his family keep him busy already. “I want to fight for the founding principles of our country. It has to do with free enterprise, limited government, strong defense against our enemies, and the traditional married, two-parent family.” Russell, a Republican, acknowledges he’s the least-known of the three Republican candidates for the seat formerly held by Sen. Roger Wicker, but says he is “The Clear Conservative Choice” in the race. His campaign literature emphasizes he is “pro-life, pro-family, pro-adoption,” values he and his wife, Amy, have supported by rearing their own two now-grown children and by serving as foster parents to 90 newborn children, the most recent of which arrived Friday. Russell said he believes useful federal projects are part of the common good of the nation, and he would compete to bring as many as possible to the 1st District. “Things that are going to be built, that are essential, you fight for those things,” he said. “The congressman is supposed to be an assistant, a helper, in all that.”

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