1) From a reader's email:

A Public Opinion Strategies (R) poll; conducted 1/16-17 for Southaven Mayor Greg Davis (R); surveyed 300 GOP LVs; margin of error +/- 6% (McArdle, Roll Call, 2/5). Tested: Davis, Tupelo Mayor Glenn McCullough (R) and ophthalmologist Randy Russell (R). Primary Election Matchup
G. Davis 36%
G. McCullough 22
R. Russell 1

Source: House Race Hotline

2) From MisterTurnbow:

I saw a GOP internal poll over the weekend that was taken for the special congressional election in north Mississippi. There wasnt anything all that surprising in it. Greg Davis had a 45-40 lead over former TVA Chief Glenn McCullough in the GOP primary. They didnt survey the democrats but I would assume that State Rep Steve Holland will win that race. The general election match ups showed that Davis and McCullough would both defeat Holland but McCulloughs lead was only eight points while Davis was up by twelve over Holland.

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