Funding the Campaigns

Patsy Brumfield for the Tupelo Daily Journal:

Davis still had a substantial lead in campaign money, federal reports show.

Up to the runoff, Federal Election Commission financial reports showed:

- Childers, the Prentiss County chancery clerk, had less than $10,000 cash on hand.

- Davis, the mayor of Southaven, had about $44,000 cash on hand.

Financial reports for Pang and Wages are yet to be filed with the FEC.

Campaign totals can't be assessed just by the numbers.

- Davis spent $359,587 or $10.93 per vote.

- Childers spent $196,373 or $3.34.

Davis aide Ted Prill says the campaign is back on the trail, seeking to familiarize the voters with his candidate's message: Do you want a conservative Republican or somebody who's going to vote for Nancy Pelosi for speaker of the House? Pelosi is a liberal Democrat from California, who was elected House speaker in 2007.

Childers continues to remind the region's voters he's a conservative North Mississippi Democrat who's pro-marriage and against abortion and illegal immigration. His campaign aide, Brad Morris, said they knew what they were facing in their elections and they spent accordingly, but he said the campaign has felt "tremendous" renewed support after the April 1 runoff when Democratic opponent Steve Holland of Plantersville pledged his "1 million percent endorsement."

Between Childers and Davis, they raised nearly $600,000 - $388,950 for Davis and $205,830 for Childers.

Other FEC report breakdowns show Davis' and Childers' money came pretty much from regional sources:

- Davis' campaign owes $15,000 (from Davis) and received $7,000 from Political Action Committees.

- Childers' campaign owes $100,000 (from Childers) and received $1,500 from PACs.

The special election on April 22 is considered a seperate election from the primary, the run-off, and the general. Which means a contributor who has maxed out at any other stage, can still give up to $2300 for use in the special election.

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