ROM: Childers and Langston

RightofMississippi asks about the connections between Travis Childers and Joey Langston: "These two have a history, one is a convicted Felon and judge briber the other is the Democratic candidate for MS-01. Childers and Langston are long-time associates and business partners in some shady real estate deals as well as the Landmark Nursing home. We will continue to explore this connection, there are too many folks in congress with these kind of connections to shady characters who operate outside of the law. There are too many unanswered questions about Travis Childers and we intend to explore them."

UPDATE: Right of Mississppi: Travis Childers and Joey Langston, Guilt by Association Volume 2


Bardwell said...

Barring a more direct connection than a business relationship that ended six years ago, I don't see any unanswered questions.

John said...

Here, here.