NRCC Hits Childers

Travis Childers Doesn't Care About Seniors

HatTip: ROM - NRCC Hits Travis Childers hard on his nursing home

Politco says, "The committee is also up with a corresponding radio ad airing in the district -- which adds an additional allegation accusing Childers of not paying his taxes on time."

Travis Childers Claims He's No Magician


RobertH said...

"North Mississippians aren't looking magic pills, Travis."

Did they really put that up on TV?

RobertH said...

Have y'all not received Childers' latest commercial? I didn't see it on the website, but see plent of anti-Childers stuff.


RobertH said...

I now see it listed on the side, but never saw it prominently displayed as the NCCC ads are. If I missed it, sorry.