Wally Pang

If I remember correctly, Wally Pang, an independent from Batesville, will be running in the special election on April 22, but will not be in the regular general election in November. I went to his web page to be sure, and while my question was not ansered, I thought I'd share some of his content.

Hello America. WALLY PANG WILL NEVER TAKE CAMPAIGN MONEY. While our congressmen continue to take campaign money, Americans are watching their jobs disappearing to foreign countries. America is heading down the road of financial crisis, foreclosure and bankruptcy. America is crying. See their faces. See their tears. It’s heart is breaking. Corporate America wants cheap wages and They found a way of not paying for health insurance. Americans are hurt by high cost of gasoline. Same for health insurance.

Pharmaceutical companies make an enormous amount of profit. Doctors, politicians are charging too much for their services. Hospital stays are too expensive and out of control banks charge too much for overdrafts. Payday loans are too expensive. We need to bridle the way collection agencies conduct business. We need to re-establish how credit scores are achieved and used. All unused campaign money of politicians should be donated to charity, not their bank accounts.
I support real voters IDs. There should be no amnesty, no citizenship and no giveaways. We need to secure our borders. Illegal immigrants pay nothing for the best health care in the World, while we pay dearly. State and Federal legislators who voted and support this bill should be voted out of office. Politicians who voted for cheap labor that takes jobs from Americans should be voted out of office. Finally, I want to assure you that I am for you, not the CEOs.

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