Childers Kickoff

HatTip CottonMouth for this report on Travis Childer's campaign kickoff - Travis Childers For Congress Announcement Goes Well and for the press release on the event.

Daily Journal - Childers kicks off congressional run with big Booneville crowd - Childers, a Democrat, officially launched his campaign Monday for the North Mississippi seat held by Republican Roger Wicker until he was appointed interim U.S. senator. "I hope what you're saying by your presence here today is that we're going to win this race," Childers shouted enthusiastically before a crowd of 200 in the Red and Gold Room of Northeast Mississippi Community College, where he went to school. Describing himself as a "North Mississippi Democrat, not a Washington Democrat," he said his early life in hard times makes him want to open opportunities for every young person in the region. Childers spoke from a raised platform on which some 50 family members and endorsing officeholders stood behind him on risers. The 16-year Prentiss County chancery clerk pointed to his successful business life as an indicator of his abilities with the economy and job creation. He cited campaign concerns: trade, high oil prices, the home mortgage crisis, illegal immigration and record national deficits. Childers described himself as "pro-life, pro-gun," believing marriage is between a man and a woman.

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