The Race Is On

AP - Prentiss Chancery Clerk Travis Childers says he'll seek Congressional seat - "Travis Childers says he will seek the Congressional seat vacated when First District Congressman Roger Wicker was appointed to the to the U.S. Senate seat left open by the resignation of Trent Lott. Childers, a 49-year-old Democrat from Booneville, has served as Prentiss County chancery clerk for 16 years. Childers has worked as a real estate agent and appraiser and his family owns and operates a nursing home and personal care facility in Booneville."

CQpolitics - Scramble Begins for Wicker’s House Seat - "Republican Southaven Mayor Greg Davis told CQ Politics that he has filed paperwork with the Federal Election Commission and in Mississippi to establish a campaign for the 1st District seat, and news reports indicate that Davis already faces primary competition from Republican former Tupelo Mayor Glenn McCullough. Davis said his experience will make him the best candidate for the job, including the seven years he spent in the state legislature. But he added that he fully expects a competitive campaign for the open, Republican-leaning seat. 'Every vote will be important,' Davis said. 'We’re going to focus on every voter across the district.' Lawyer Brian Neely told CQ Politics he plans to run for the Democratic nomination and focus on tax reform. 'Our tax reform policy is designed to bleed the small businessman dry,' Neely said. He added that education and guaranteeing that every citizen gets 'their equal share of the American dream' will be cornerstones of his campaign."

Ross Reily, Delta Democrat Times - Wicker appointment begins next round of speculation

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