McCullough hat in the ring

Columbus Commercial Dispatch - McCullough, others put hats in ring for Wicker's seat - "Local business, political and community leaders were at the Golden Triangle Regional Airport Wednesday afternoon in a show of support for Republican Glenn McCullough Jr., who announced his candidacy for the U.S. House of Representatives 1st Congressional District. McCullough, a former Tupelo mayor and chairman of the Tennessee Valley Authority, joins a host of others in seeking the seat vacated by Roger Wicker, who was appointed to the Senate Monday. Former Columbus Mayor Jeffrey Rupp introduced McCullough, whom he called a 'mentor.' 'If you look at the successes in the Golden Triangle, you cannot count successes without mentioning Glenn McCullough's name,' Rupp said. McCullough said his 53-year 'legacy of leadership' included a 'strong working relationship' with Wicker. 'I stand for strong conservative Mississippi values,' he said. 'This campaign is not about politics; it's about possibilities. (As mayor), I've had an opportunity to build bridges and not let problems (overcome) possibilities,' he continued. 'I know these people, I know the questions and, more importantly, I can work to find solutions. I am running to accomplish possibilities for you. Opportunities are better today than ever before, but it will take a representative who can build bridges to make those possibilities become realities.' McCullough, who also previously served as director of the Appalachian Regional Commission, is a partner in Ardillo, McCullough & Taggart LLC, a corporate consulting firm specializing in business development, government relations and executive management counsel. A graduate of Mississippi State University, he is married with two sons, who both attend MSU."

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