Commercial Appeal Editorial on Davis

Commercial Appeal Editorial: Loss could be a plus - Southaven Mayor Greg Davis' announced quest to become a U.S. representative provides an opportunity to turn a potential loss into a positive. Davis is into his third term as the city's mayor. He has critics, but by most accounts he has provided solid, energetic, farsighted leadership in the booming city. Should Davis win the congressional election, it would give the city's leaders and residents a chance to catch their collective breaths in the midst of the city's continuing growth sprint. While they're getting their second wind, they'll have time to reflect on whether they want their city's growth spurt to continue as it has or if they want a new mayor who will slow the growth pace or maybe change course. A successful Davis bid for Congress would provide an opportunity for a fresh look, for example, at Southaven's infrastructure and public safety needs, and what additional amenities can be provided for residents. All this is not meant to suggest that Davis' continued leadership of Southaven would be a bad thing. The city has prospered under his leadership and there is no reason to fret that that wouldn't continue."

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