McCullough, Hurt

Commercial Dispatch - No need for ‘on-the-job' training, McCullough says - Seeking the Republican nomination for the First District Congressional seat vacated by Roger Wicker, Glenn McCullough Jr., former chairman of the Tennessee Valley Authority Board of Directors, said he wouldn't need any “on-the-job training.” “For the last 15 years, I've tried to make sure local leaders, both elected and in the private sector, had the support of Jackson and Washington, (D.C.), so infrastructure could be put in place and education made available,” he said. “This is not new to me. I would make sure Mississippians are treated fairly, some may argue maybe even more than fairly, by those in Washington. I've worked closely with (new Sen. Roger Wicker, former Sen. Trent Lott and Sen. Thad Cochran) a long time. It's nothing new to me.” Accompanied by a supporter - former Columbus Mayor Jeffrey Rupp - McCullough Friday met with the Dispatch Editorial Board to answer questions regarding the war in Iraq, the United States economy, health care costs, the Social Security fund and immigration.

Daily Journal - Hurt wants universal health, an end to war - Ken Hurt was born a sharecropper’s son but raised on a steady diet of politics by family who served on numerous government boards. Now 71, Hurt is taking another shot at a seat he already tried for – and lost – two years ago. He wants the 1st District U.S. House of Representatives position that was left vacant when Roger Wicker went to the U.S. Senate earlier this month. And Hurt thinks he’s a sure bet. “I am the leading candidate simply by virtue of the races I’ve run,” the Verona resident told the Daily Journal. “There is nothing to prevent those same people from voting for me again.” Hurt not only ran against Wicker in 2006, but also he ran against Northern District Highway Commissioner Bill Minor in 2007.


John Leek said...

I read this headline and wondered what happened to McCullough. :)

AnnEllisSimmons said...

Clever ;)