Holland Announces, Web Up

Daily Journal - Holland talks values in bid for congressional seat - State Rep. Steve Holland says a person’s starting place says a lot about who they’re going to become. Holland, a Democrat from Plantersville, formally announced on Sunday that he is running for the 1st Congressional District seat at the Plantersville School cafeteria. He told the audience that making the announcement at the school was important because that’s where he got his start, and he wants to take the values and lessons learned there to Washington. “I learned the value of education” at Plantersville schools, he said, and “providing a first-class public education” is now his most important issue. His other major issues include: A strong military, A strong highway system, Supporting Medicaid. Holland was first elected a member of the Mississippi House in 1983, representing House District 16 of Lee County. He also served as Chairman of the House Agriculture Committee from 1988 to 2004. Holland called his fellow candidates his “friends” and promised to run a clean campaign.

SteveHollandForCongress is up HatTip CottonMouth.

UPDATE: Another HatTip to CottonMouth, Holland has revamped his web page.


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