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AP - 2 simultaneous elections puzzle some Miss. voters - People go to the polls April 1 for the Democratic and Republican primary runoffs to set the ballot for the November general election. The winner in November will serve a two-year term in Washington, starting in January.

On April 22, there is a nonpartisan special election in the 1st District to fill the final few months of a U.S. House term that Republican Roger Wicker started in early 2007. Wicker left the House seat in December after Gov. Haley Barbour appointed him to fill a Senate seat left vacant by the early retirement of Republican Trent Lott.

In Monroe County, Circuit Clerk Judy Butler said Wednesday that many voters don't understand there are overlapping elections for the congressional seat. Adding to the mix in Monroe County, Aberdeen has its regularly scheduled municipal elections going on now - and some voters will have to drive to one precinct for the municipal elections and another for the congressional election. "We have major confusion here," Butler said.

Tuesday's congressional runoffs are follow-ups to the March 11 primary elections. None of the Republican or Democratic candidates received a majority in the primaries, forcing runoffs for both parties. If no candidate receives a majority of the vote in the special election, another runoff election would be held May 13 to decide that contest. Party affiliations are not listed on the special election ballot.

WREG - Campaign Heats Up in Mississippi's First Congressional District - Candidates like Southaven's Greg Davis are looking for people like Shannon Fulcher, who aren't regular voters. "Actually I hadn't voted in the last few years and I got out this time and voted in the primaries." said Fulcher.

It's true. Close local and national races have more of us paying attention, and telling the candidates what's important. "Well, people are concerned about the economy. Obviously the economy and the price of fuel." said candidate Glenn McCullough of Tupelo. Glenn McCullough Criss-crossed the district, from Alabama to Tennessee to Rev up Republicans wherever he could find them. "We believe that conservative Republicans will vote on Tuesday and we're optimistic they'll respond to our campaign." He said.

But with two conservative republicans in this race, it'll come down to who can win the most minds and get them to the voting booth. "The higher the numbers come out it'll be at least more representative congressman that you have versus a small few determine who does to Washington." said Candidate and Southaven Mayor Greg Davis.

Why are these candidates working extra hard to get voters' attention? First, runoffs almost never draw big numbers. But this year they have an extra big problem. Many Republicans crossed over to vote in the Democratic Presidential primary, and now they cannot cross back to vote in the runoff. But those who didn't vote can choose either party. "We figure we lost about 3-4 thousand votes here in DeSoto County alone, but there are some 20-thousand people who didn't come to the polls." said Davis.

So now the race is on, to get those thousands to make a choice. "Possibilities. Possibilities for the future. That's what our campaign's all about." Said McCullough. And these men say North Mississippi's future isn't something to take lightly. "Don't let your neighbor vote in your congressman. You go, take, again, 15 minutes. It's all it would take and cast the ballot regardless of what the weather may be doing that day." Davis explained. But is the motivation working? "I'm Definitely in the spirit." said Fulcher.

ChrisBrownForHouse - Election April 1.....April Fools Day??? 1st Congressional District - This is a friendly reminder of the run-off election coming up on April 1st. We need to get all our people to the polls to vote. Our country and our state have many obstacles to address and it will take strong Conservative leadership to guide us safely in the future. Now is not the time to show weakness to our enemies. We must be strong and stand up against those that seek to destroy us. Let us all join together to elect true Conservatives to office and not end up making April 1 live up to its name. I would encourage you to go to the polls on Tuesday April 1st and vote for Glenn McCullough Jr. for our next congressman. It is with prayerful consideration and many visits with Glenn that I ask for you to support him. He is a good Christian man that will stand up for the un-born. He will defend our rights and freedoms that we hold dear. He will fight illegal immigration. He will work to lower taxes. He will be a strong voice for Conservative causes in Washington. Again, Please go to the polls and vote Glenn McCullough Jr. for our next 1st District U.S. Congressman, you will be proud you did. www.glenn08.com

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Anonymous said...

Chris Brown is neither stupid nor naive. I am thus puzzled that he would make some of the statements about Mr. McCullough that he has in his endorsement. And one can make statements that go at least that far about Mr. Davis as well. For example, the Davis record on the unborn is long and extremely strong -and he has years of Right-to-life endorsements as further proof.

I'm additionally puzzled that he would, as a Republican Party official, violate impartiality and endorse anybody in a primary. It had been speculated he was in the McCullough camp, despite being a panelist at the Aberdeen debate. Apparently, the rumours were true and I'm somewhat concerned that a McCullough supporter was allowed to be a member of the debate panel.