Turnbow on Polls: McCullough, Childers

Turnbow.net - New Poll in local Congressional race - A friend last night passed along some new poll numbers in the special election for Roger Wickers congressional seat in northeast mississippi in a few weeks. The results are kind of surprising.....Glen McCullough now has a 45-38 lead over Greg Davis. On the democrat side, Prentiss County Court Clerk Travis Childers has pulled ahead of State Rep Steve Holland by a 51-41 margin. The dems are getting very excited about Childers chances according to what I heard. But I dont know about the GOP poll though. Desoto County is Greg Davis's base and it has exploded in growth in recent years. According to the Commercial Appeal yesterday, its population hit the 150,000 mark this month. That and McCulloughs problems with the TVA should bode well for Davis come election day in two weeks.

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