Taggart: Greg Davis skipping only debate in First District race

ClarionLedger.com - Andy Taggart Blog - Greg Davis skipping only debate in First District race - On March 4, the three Republican candidates for Congress up in the First District, running to succeed Roger Wicker, were to have participated in the only debate before the March 11 primary. The debate forum is being sponsored by the Monroe County Republican Committee, the Mississippi Republican Party, and MSU's Stennis Institute. Sounds like a pretty even-handed line-up from here.

Republican candidates Glenn McCullough and Randy Russell have accepted the invitation for the debate. Southaven Mayor Greg Davis has declined, citing a conflict. Voters are usually willing to give a candidate some slack when he ends up missing one out of several debate events due to scheduling conflicts. But look for Davis to take some hits -- and voters to want some answers -- if he dodges the only debate scheduled for that race.

(Disclosure: Glenn McCullough is my business partner, and Randy Russell is a long-time personal friend).

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Politician said...

Did anyone know that Greg Davis was arrested for DUI after a Ms State ball game ?
Did you hear about his wife calling 911 two times for domestic violence?One of the 911 calls was on a vacation in Florida.