Absentee voting

Daily Journal - Good voter turnout expected for primaries - Despite predictions of a large turnout, some circuit clerks throughout the 23-county district report lackluster absentee ballot voting. Officials in Calhoun, Monroe and Pontotoc counties say they've received a fraction of the typical number of absentee ballots.

"It's been real slow," said Tracy Robinson, Pontotoc County's circuit clerk. "They've picked up (since Friday) ... but we don't even have 75 yet. Typically we have 300 or 400."

In other counties, including those where congressional front-runners live, it's a different story: Davis' Desoto County had a high absentee-ballot rate; Russell's Lafayette County also reported good numbers, and in Lee County - home of Republican McCullough and Democrats Holland and Neely - things picked up Thursday and remained strong, clerks said.

The deadline for casting absentee ballots was noon Saturday.

"We're working hard," McCullough said. "We've got hundreds of volunteers in the district. But as far as voter turnout, I really don't know. We're cautiously optimistic. We'll see on Tuesday."

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