Salter On Leaders

ClarionLedger.com - Sid Salter Blog - 1st Congressional District: Close in both primaries... - In the 1st Congressional District, the Democratic nod should come down to state Rep. Steve Holland and Prentiss County Chancery Clerk Travis Childers. Holland has more name ID, but that's not all good since some of it is negative. Childers is running a smart campaign and has a network of supporters among the district's other chancery clerks. Holland's working his legislative contacts. On the GOP side, Southaven Mayor Greg Davis and former TVA chairman Glenn McCullough are battling. Davis has stronger polling numbers, but McCullough has the edge in campaign finance. Both are making strong appeals to the MSU constituency.

And then, Mr. Turnbow has this note on yard signs:

I drove down highway 72 and up 45 yesterday in Mississippi. I didnt see many yard signs for that congressional race next month. I counted three signs for Greg Davis and one for Glenn McCullough but that was it. I went from the Bama stateline all the way into Selmer and that was all that I saw. I didnt see a single one of the democrats signs.

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