Holland and Clinton

From a Steve Holland Campaign Email.

Since Bill Clinton is going to be at the Tupelo Furniture Market Friday, we are asking any who can to congregate at our Campaign Headquarters at 5361 Cliff Gookin Blvd. between 4 and 4:30 to pick up cards, attach magnetic door signs and Steve Holland lapel stickers and drive en masse to the location.

The doors at the Furniture Market open at 4:30 and they say Bill Clinton will be there about 5:30. It will be a free fish fry. Our opponents will have their supporters there so we need to be there, too.

It will give our Tuesday vote momentum. We are excited. We have added radio spots to our schedule. Our TV spots have been praised for the "Best of Show" on message, creativity and actors (our volunteers). Thanks for everything. Tell your friends not to forget to vote Tuesday. Also, forward this message to your email list.



Everett Dutschke said...

Gosh... I hate I missed it...

J Everett Dutschke

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